Why Montessori?

The first years of a child's life constitute the most critical period for his/her self-development. A child-centered prepared environment best enables a 2 ½ to 6-year-old child to learn basic concepts, skills, attitudes and values. The primary goal of a Montessori program is to help each child reach full potential in all areas of life. The holistic curriculum allows the child to experience the joy of learning and to develop self-esteem and independence.

Montessori Education is child centered

Montessori teachers study their students, listen for questions that children most urgently ask, and discover the learning activities that motivate the children in their classroom. The teachers continually adapt the learning environment to provide optimal conditions for childrens self-motivated learning.

Montessori fosters independence and self-discipline

The Montessori Kinderhaus experience helps children grow into autonomous, self-confident individuals. Young children learn to take care of themselves and their environment and to choose work independently. As they grow older, they learn to manage their time and focus on projects that they design.

Montessori creates a nurturing environment

Montessori Kinderhaus gives children an environment in which they feel loved by friends and teachers. Children learn to ask for help when they need it, and to give help when they can.

Montessori builds a strong foundation on conceptual understanding

Children work with carefully designed materials at increasingly abstract levels. They develop a firm understanding of concepts at a concrete level, and later build on those concepts as they mature into abstract thought.

Montessori cultivates respect and compassion

Montessori Kinderhaus teachers share a commitment to multicultural, anti-bias education. Teachers encourage cooperative work and teach conflict resolution skills. Children learn to identify and challenge bias, and to see themselves as part of the rich fabric of society and the natural world.

Montessori inspires curious, lifelong learners

Montessori Kinderhaus encourages children to bring their curiosity to school. Whether they are inspired to learn to tie their shoes or about reptile behavior, LMS students receive encouragement for exploration, along with the skills they need to become independent in their learning.