Directress Statement

Dear Parents,

I want you to personally welcome to Montessori Children's House in Küsnacht (ZH). Montessori Children's House is the original Kinderhouse in the Zurichsee area. It is a renowned established quality school in the Gemeinde Küsnacht. Montessori Children's House is a member of the the Assoziation Montessori Schweiz (AMS) and Association Montessori Internationale (AMI) .

Montessori Children's House welcomes families of all religions, ethnic origins, and economic backgrounds. Our school has long been established in a diverse cultural and intellectual community that encourages the development of the whole child. Montessori Children's House endeavors to promote its perceptible distinctive qualities, maintain its commitment to a quality Montessori education and continually contribute to the community a unique school of academic distinction.

As a Montessori School Directress and a certified teacher, it is my satisfaction to be able to offer my children my expertise and experience both as a Montessori Director and Teacher.

I believe it is the Director's responsibility to obtain the approved Montessori teaching credentials and to acquire the knowledge and capability to expertly direct all areas of the school - educationally and administratively. 

It is also the responsibility of the Director to ascertain and possess competent insight into recognizing the specific individual needs, abilities or inabilities of every child. Our "Kinderhaus" provides qualified Teachers. I have employed long term educationally qualified, caring and dedicated teachers, interns and assistants who share my joy of working with children to implement the Montessori philosophy and approach in educating and encouraging the students.

It has been my personal goal to provide a stimulating environment which will assist children in developing within themselves productive foundational attitudes, skills, behavior and inspirations which are essential for the children to achieve creative thoughts and learning, social integration and emotional well-being.

My further goals has been to continue to provide my students, and their parents, a developmentally appropriate unique learning environment of high moral integrity and academic excellence.

The philosophy on Early Childhood Education parallels that of the Montessori method developed by Dr. Maria Montessori. I believe all pre-school children can benefit from a challenging and secure Montessori environment. Children are encouraged to experiment and develop their senses and intellect from the use of specifically designed, developmentally appropriate hands on apparatus.

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